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Welcome to South African Reatswelela Travel Centre, a company based in Polokwane the capital of Limpopo province.

Founded in 2007, South African Reatswelela Travel Centre is the pioneer of travel arrangements and offers to give professional service to the people and organizations of the North West, Limpopo Province and other outskirts with pride, and to deliver the best service at the most competitive prices.
South African Reatswelela Travel Centre’s head office is in Polokwane, the Capital City of Limpopo Province. The company was born from Reatswelela Suppliers 1911 which was established in 2005 due to the need of travel services in the area.

Our service is known for efficiency, professionalism and reliability. We have been quite successful in a number of tasks hospitality related as well including events coordination for major clients and notably in the Limpopo Home stay Programme 2010.

Reatswelela Travel & Tours currently serves many departments and municipalities in the Limpopo Province and employs 9 people one of them being a student. We have just recently opened up our a branch office in North West, Mafikeng, as we have also identified a great need of travel arrangement services. We believe very much in growth and development hence the deeper penetration into the market. We do see ourselves opening up other branches in other provinces and this will lead to job creation and empowerment to communities. Growing within North West will be an example of how dedicated and professional we are when it comes to our core competencies

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